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There are so many craft shops out there now, and competition is tough but Bubbly Funk has been around for a long time and I personally know the craft market well, although it is constantly changing and it is hard to keep up with everything!

Bubbly Funk have been an online craft store since 2005.  I did have a brick and mortar shop too, but am now back to being solely online.  I sell a variety of craft items, but especially stencils and stamps – I have a ‘thing’ about stencils and stamps!  I am also designing a Bubbly Funk range of stencils, some with coordinating greyboard/chipboard too.  I am trying to package all own brand products in an environmentally friendly way, and the stencils themselves come packaged in a brown kraft envelope, which actually looks quite cute!  I could not bring myself to pop them all into a plastic bag which would eventually get discarded and end up somewhere where it shouldn’t be.

I have a real passion for crafts, and I am re-starting my own personal Blog as I am trying to make time for crafting again.  That’s the ‘problem’ with running a business, it leaves little time for the hobby but I am making time.  It’s important and I love creating so much.  There is also a Bubbly Funk Blog and I have a wonderful Design Team who are very good at showcasing products from the shop and giving lots of useful hints and tips and general crafty inspiration.  Take a look – links to Caroline’s Blog and Bubbly Funk Blog are on the homepage of the website.   Also, if you are particularly proud of a crafty creation you have made with any Bubbly Funk shop items then please let me know – it would be great to showcase on the Blog and share the crafty love with everyone else!

If, at any time, you have any craft queries please get in touch and ask.  You can email me or contact me through Facebook.  I’ll do my best to give an answer to your query and if I don’t know the answer I will be sure to know someone who does, or point you in the right direction.  

If you are particular happy with any of your purchases from Bubbly Funk would you consider writing a review?  It’s quite easy to do – just go to the product description and you will see a button ‘Reviews’ and it will take you to the Review Page where you have the option then to write a review.  It would be most useful for someone else looking to buy the product.  

Anyhow, I’ve written a lot more than I intended to and I am grateful if you have read this far!  You can rest assured that every time you shop at Bubbly Funk it is from a genuine crafter and someone who has a real passion for anything creative.  Hope to see you again sometime soon!

Caroline x

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